Zaproszenie do publikowania w AiCSR

Dear Contributors:

We invite you to submit original work for possible publication in Advances in Computer Science Research (AICSR) which continues tradition of earlier …

The goal of AiCSR is to publish original and mature work in broad range of Computer Science research areas. In theory papers, please highlight novelty of your work, explaining the way your results advance the state of the art in a given area of research. In engineering papers, the description of the proposed new or improved methods should be complemented by the results of experimentation supporting claimed benefits.

All submitted papers will be reviewed by international panel of experts.

Papers must be written in English. Your paper should be 12-15 pages long in AiCSR format (AiCSR(ACM? IEEE? Springer? – link to formatting instructions). Please submit your paper via our internet One of the authors will have set up an account there.

Editor-in-Chief, Marek Krętowski